No Eviction Pledges from Local Authorities

As we enter month 3 of the implementation of the awful Bedroom Tax, people are starting to really feel the pressure from their landlords – private or social – and the threat of  EVICTION is hanging over many. Although I am not directly affected by the bedroom tax I am indirectly as my mum IS being hit by it, and so I know what it is like to have the dread and fear of eviction hanging over you like a cloud…how this fear rears it’s head at the most inopportune moments when you are having a laugh or a little bit of fun, and permeates into every aspect of your life.

As such whilst we all do whatever we can to fight to get this Bedroom Tax repealed by central government…..which to be honest is probably going to be when we oust the ConDems at the next election….we need to take action regarding the threat of eviction NOW!

Many Councils around the country  – Brighton & Hove, Edinburgh, Darlington, Broxtowe Borough, etc – have started to make ‘No Eviction’ pledges with regards to arrears that have accrued solely because of the Bedroom tax reduction in benefits. I think (hope?) many Councils are starting to realise that there are many people on limited incomes because they are on benefits (through disability, redundancy, NO JOBS!!) who live within their means, have no debt, and manage their money appropriately, and have never had rent arrears in their LIVES ! However these same people are now suddenly finding themselves with arrears mounting up, helpless to do anything about it because they simply have no money to pay it and through no fault of their own – rather that the government has moved the goalposts on them.

It is unfair to have people, many those most vulnerable members of our society, live in constant fear and dread, and so here is an apolitical petition calling on Nottingham City Council t0 follow the example of Nottinghamshire’s Broxtowe Borough Council and make a ‘No Eviction’ pledge regarding rent arrears caused by the Bedroom Tax for it’s tenants. It also calls for Nottingham City Council to lobby other social landlords within wider Nottinghamshire to follow the same path and not evict their tenants because of the Bedroom Tax.

If you agree with all of the above please take 2 minutes to sign this petition, and if you want to share/forward to your friends/contacts too, well thats even better!!


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