The Notts Bedroom Tax Campaign was founded on Saturday 16th March 2013 at the first rally against the Bedroom Tax in Nottingham.

Since then we have created a Facebook group and this website, met to plan, leafleted one area (the Meadows) and had our first public meeting there.

Our aim is to defeat the tax in our area by whatever means are necessary. Petition, rally, appeal letter, eviction prevention – however far it goes, we will stop it.

We need to organise everyone in Nottinghamshire who is affected by the Bedroom Tax – and everyone who isn’t affected but who sympathises and wants to add their name and energy to the fight. Please sign up with your email address to follow this blog and not only will you receive notifications of new posts, we can also keep you updated by email regarding any specific events or meetings that you may be interested in/want to attend.

We need to get into every social housing estate and inform every householder that they are not alone, and they will not have to lose their home – that it’s possible to defeat the tax, if we all work together.

We need people to plan, talk to their neighbours, argue with their friends, speak to the media, leaflet, look for advice, publicise, provide testimony, organise meetings, print flyers, design posters, turn up to rallies, contact their representatives, volunteer to block bailiffs, run stalls, write reports.

The Bedroom Tax is outrageous. The one thing that would be more outrageous is if we let it pass.

This website is intended to collect in one place all relevant information for people fighting the Bedroom Tax in Nottinghamshire. Event details, write-ups, planning, graphical and other materials, links to media articles, links to other campaigns and sources of help, advice and guidance, people’s stories. Come here to find it, and to provide it. If you want to add to the website please comment on a post or page, preferably this one, and if the content is worth posting in its own right an admin will copy the text into its own post for you.

We have the following sections: What We Can Do details a plan of action; Events tells you what’s happening and when; Materials and Multimedia gather graphical, photo, audio and video bits and pieces; Media Coverage provides links to mainstream media news articles.

The website address is https://nottsbedroomtax.wordpress.com/
We also have a Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/433271280090704/


the people united will never be defeated anon art of revolution


3 Comments on “About”

  1. cjss.org says:

    I have put a series of material related to Bed room tax and its effects at cjss.org as well as http://unemploymentuk.blogspot.co.uk/ onthedole.com has also carried video advice and support information.If we can help in anyway please make contact

    • rkent1980 says:

      Thanks! and sorry for the delay in replying!!
      I think it’s great if we can link up all the information we have got between groups and collaborate in whatever ways we can. Having had a brief look at the sites you’ve mentioned there are LOTS of really good resources and stats I will be delving into to use when i can – so thanks again 🙂

  2. Still looking for people affected by bedroom tax, DLAchanges, Council tax benefit changes and yes thats just the start- we have universal credit to come- so if you want to have your say/tell your story or are just angry about what has happened get in touch- phone number is 07572595653 or email:cuttingbenefits@hotmail.co.uk
    Promise to be very sensitive to your situation and let you tell your story

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