Mansfield anti-BT stall

In Mansfield on Saturday 20th April there will be a stall petitioning and leafleting against the Bedroom Tax.

Starts 12:30 outside the library.



Leafleting the Meadows – report

Today a group of 25 volunteers delivered leaflets to homes in the Meadows district of Nottingham, as planned in an earlier post. Gathering at the Queen’s Walk Community Centre near Queen’s Walk (which is currently being dug up for the tramlines) we divided into groups and took different sections of the surrounding area each of which had their own pre-prepared map. We had all finished by just over an hour which seems very quick and we almost ran out of leaflets but the few spares were given to those who lived locally and could do other housing areas fairly soon. A photo was taken of the canvassers at the end and will be on the internet in a few days.

The weather was pretty good (still a little cold but sunny and dry) and the whole job was quite a pleasant experience. I saw more of the Meadows than I ever have previously I think, and my group was greatly helped by a local young lad who tagged along and who seemed to know who lived in each area. We may well have missed some properties to which the Bedroom Tax will apply but we tried to cover all the council and housing association estates we could find except those which we knew to be for elderly people (who are exempt from the charge).

Now we are just looking forward to the public meeting in the Meadows on Wednesday and hope that local residents concerned about the Bedroom Tax will turn up. You are welcome to come even if you don’t live in the Meadows; and if you want a copy of the leaflet and don’t have one you can find a downloadable one on the Materials page.

More campaigning soon! Would you like us to do your area?

Leafleting the Meadows

On Sunday 7th April the Notts Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax will be leafleting homes in the Meadows to which the Bedroom Tax may apply. The leaflets, maps and other details are all in hand and we already have 10 volunteers. If YOU would like to join us to do something about the evil Bedroom Tax meet in the parking lot of Queens Walk Community Centre (Queens Walk, The Meadows, Nottingham, NG2 2DF) at 2pm. It will probably last a couple of hours and will go ahead whatever the weather.

We will not be aiming to talk to residents on this occasion, just leaflet. In future we will be organising more leafleting, rallies, and most of all local meetings. Part of the purpose of this leaflet is to let residents know about an upcoming public meeting in their area to discuss the response to the Bedroom Tax. If you live in the Meadows and are concerned about it please help us spread the word and turn up to the meeting.

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