How to challenge and appeal against the bedroom tax decision

Joe Halewood’s advice on how to make the Bedroom Tax unworkable by clogging the local HB dept with a mass co-ordinated campaign of appeal requests.


Radford public meeting 6th April – report

The Bedroom Tax meeting for Radford area residents on Saturday 6th April went very well. It was organised by Rob Graham and some other people involved in the NG7 Food Bank and the City of Sanctuary. It was facilitated in its venue at the Partnership Council by Moby Farrands who works there and is a long-time community organiser.

About 20 people turned up, some of whom were local activist types but there rest were just concerned residents. It was a good turn-out considering it was arranged with only four days’ notice. Discussion covered a lot of issues and suggestions of tactics in response to the BT but centred on Rob’s suggestion of a mass campaign of appeal and request for information to the council to clog the system and make implementing the BT unworkable. He has written out letters to send to the council and will send me a digital copy I will put up here and on the website. I think it could be a key tactic in our fight against the Bedroom Tax. It is based on the work of a Liverpool activist, Joe Halewood, in a blog post from the end of March.

The group of people present are committed to doing a campaign locally, contacting other residents; and I talked about the citywide campaign and handed out the leaflets we delivered today in the Meadows. Some may actually come to the Meadows meeting next Wednesday and they have the Notts campaign’s contact details.