Notts Bedroom Tax Campaign Public Meeting



Tuesday 15th October 2013

7.15pm – 9.15pm

@ Nottingham Mechanics,

3 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham


Public meeting to share experiences of fighting the Bedroom Tax and call for local Councils to adopt no evictions policies. Speakers will include local campaigners and Councillor Greg Marshall who has campaigned for Broxtowe Council to adopt a no evictions policy.


Bedroom Tax Hotline – get measured

Nottingham City Council have a Bedroom Tax Hotline phone number to ring if you want to get a room measured to see if it will count legally as a bedroom: 0115 7469551. They state there is a two week wait for the service. We cannot currently find any information on this on the internet including the council’s website.

Bedroom Tax local advice surgeries currently in Nottingham

Details of advice surgeries being held presently across the city to advise tenants on the Bedroom Tax. Organised by the council and the Advice Nottingham group of advice centres around the city. All sessions are 2-6pm unless otherwise stated. Unfortunately a few have already happened but I think it’s OK for tenants in those areas to attend a session elsewhere. I’ve looked on the council website but can’t find any mention of these sessions, nor do I remember receiving anything in the post from either the council or my HA (could have forgotten, or maybe only those affected by the BT have been invited?).

BT Advice sessions 1

BT Advice sessions 2

BT Advice sessions 3